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In NYC, 165 AFSZ schools serve more than 75,000 children and 10,000 teachers. See a map of AFSZ Schools.

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Parents and Guardians

Keeping Children Healthy
Families have a vital part to play in the school system. Be sure to tell the school if your child has asthma. Ask if the staff and the parents association has had asthma training. To assure that your child's school understands and protects children with asthma, become a member of the Parents Association. Join the Asthma Support Team, and/or the School Walk-Around team. Be sure your child has up-to-date school health forms on file at school.

Here are a few tips for helping your child have success at school.

• Be sure your child has up-to-date school health forms on file at school. takes asthma medication according to his/her medical plan and brings it to school everyday.

• Always report asthma-related absence to the medical office or when you are concerned about your child having possible symptoms at school.

• Ask the teacher to help your child keep up with missed school work. Too many missed school days can cause a child to suffer academically.

• Does someone in the household still smoke? For help quitting, speak with the school nurse or call 311.

It is not easy to know when a child with asthma needs to miss school. However, if your child attends an AFSZ school, or any other school where staff has had asthma training, you can be confident that the school understands the special needs of asthmatic children and has the skills and training to handle asthma emergencies.

The best way to know that your school provides a safe and healthy learning environment for your child is to get involved. Join the school Parent Association so that you can help the school understand and develop policies that meet the special needs of children with asthma.

Is your child's asthma under control?
Asthma control is like a three-legged stool that cannot stand unless all legs are in place. For your child to lead a normal active life without limitations, all three components must be in place.

The Three-Part Plan includes:

  • Having a good medical asthma-control plan

  • Reducing or avoiding triggers

  • Building an asthma support team
3-part plan




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Pets & Smoking: 2 bad ideas.  




Learn how to reduce exposure to asthma and allergy triggers in your home.  

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