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More than 100 public schools have implemented the AFSZ program since it began in 2001 on New York City’s Lower East Side.
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School Zone News is a monthly, newsletter for families, containing information about asthma and environment, and seasonal tips for keeping children healthy and in school. (Eng/Sp/Chinese)


Durable outdoor AFSZ signs designate school zones, inform about laws and signal concern for the health and welfare of children.
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Asthma Free School Zone (AFSZ) works with schools and communities to reduce asthma-related illness and absenteeism by improving school-wide asthma management and local air quality. In NYC, the program begins with the Principal.

Asthma-related Absenteeism
Children with asthma miss school for two reasons: 1) they have symptoms, and 2) their parents don’t trust the school to handle the possibility that their children might have symptoms. By improving the understanding of asthma and its link to environment, and the ability of an informed staff to handle emergencies, a school can gain the confidence of parents who might otherwise keep children home.

The AFSZ has worked with the administration, staff and parent associations in more than 300 NYC schools to help them create the safest, healthiest learning environment possible. Our work is supported by the NYC Departments of Education, Transportation, and Health and Mental Hygiene.

AFSZ schools are recognizable by their No-Idling and No-Smoking signs, which designate the school zone, inform people of current NYC idling law and smoking law, and signal a community concern for the health and welfare of children.

Components of the program can be purchased through the AFSZ Marketplace.
• 116-page full-color Program Guide
• CD/DVD with PowerPoint trainings, educational videos
• Team development Training-of-Trainer workshops
• No-idling and no-smoking signs


Download AFSZ LESSON PLANS cost-free.

A. Clearing the Air - A collection of cross-curricular, K-12 lesson plans that explore air and its role in environmental and human health. Each classroom lesson includes hands-on activities and worksheets, NY standards-matched, with a special emphasis on the urban environment and local civic participation.

B. Smoke-Free Is Smart - Twelve lesson tobacco-prevention plans that examine tobacco and use of tobacco products, the health, environmental and financial cost of smoking, and the tobacco industry target on youth. 12-slide PowerPoint, hands-on activities and worksheets.

Clearing the Air
Smoke-free Is Smart



The School Resource Center is an online library of print materials, videos, trainings and lesson plans.

The AFSZ Program Kit prepares schools to better manage asthma and become stewards of their own environments. Take a look.



Watch the Walk-Around Video (9 min.). Member schools can find the Walk-Around Checklist and Solutions Guide in the online School Resource Center.