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In 2009, after eight years of serving more than 50,000 students and 6000 staff in more than 100 individual schools, the Asthma Free School Zone launched an expansion model program, the centerpiece of which is a Program Kit.

The Program Kit
The Kit enables schools to self-implement the AFSZ program and prepare members of the school community to become do-it-yourself stewards of the school environment. Program participation emphasizes team-building, education, and action. The Program Kit has four components:

• Guide - program information and print resources
• CD/DVD - educational videos, PowerPoint trainings, print packets
School Resource Center - newsletters, lesson plans, print kits
• AFSZ Signage - outdoor 18"x12" No-Idling; 12"x12” No-Smoking

About the Guide
The Guide is a flexible tool designed to allow a school to adapt the resources and tools of the Guide to meet the particular needs or capacities of the school.

• Chapter 1: Background information that all Asthma Support Team members should read to gain a better understanding of the program and the problem it aims to address.

• Chapters 2-5: Specific information for the administration and the custodial staff, teaching staff, Parent Coordinator, parent association or parent-teacher association (PA/PTA), and the medical staff. Each staff chapter begins with a list of suggested program steps and ends with a list of available resource materials.

• Chapter 6: Photocopiable and reference resources, and Glossary of terms.

Collateral Materials
The Program Kit CD contains PowerPoint trainings, edu-tainment videos, photocopiable print materials and Stop-Idling Kit. The Program Kit DVD contains short asthma-related videos, and a School Walk-Around video tour.

The online School Resource Center offers monthly tri-lingual (Eng/Sp/Chinese) newsletters for parents, May Bulletin Board Kit, Idle-Free NYC campaign materials and K-12 lesson plans about air quality and asthma.

Regional ToT workshops for school representatives are offered every year. By taking advantage of this networking and hands-on learning opportunity, schools have the best chance of raising awareness about the links between health, environment, and achievement and, in turn, making meaningful changes.




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