How to Use an HFA Inhaler

  use inhaler

Children should use an inhaler with a SPACER. When an inhaler is used alone, medicine will end up in the mouth, throat, stomach and lungs.


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Medication with
an HFA Inhaler

inhaler use

1. Shake the canister.

2. Remove the cap.

3. Prime the canister by spraying into the air to release a puff of medication.

Repeat shaking and priming 3 or 4 times, as required.

Attach SPACER to inhaler.

4. Breathe out. Placespacer mouthpiece in the mouth between the teeth.

5. Close mouth. Press down once.

6. Breathe in and hold breath for 6-10 seconds, then breathe out. Check the time.

Repeat after five minutes, if required.

Spacers come in many sizes. Some whistle to alert that breath has been let out too quickly. Clean after each use according to the instructions on the package.