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The AFSZ conducts two kinds of environmental assessment: ambient air sampling and school walk-arounds. Between 2006 and 2009 the AFSZ measured ambient air quality near schools in three NYC boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

NYC Air Sampling Studies
Between 2006 and 2008, with funding from the NYC Dept. of Transportation and the FHWA CMAQ program, the AFSZ measured particle matter and black carbon at three sites, which included eleven schools, in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. At each site one month of ambient air data collection preceded and followed a year of AFSZ activities. Read about the study.

The 3 CMAQ study sites are:
East Harlem, East 104th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues
Bushwick, Brooklyn, Bushwick Avenue and Kosciusko Street
Mott Haven, Bronx, East 156th Street and Concourse Village East/West

In 2008 and 2009, with funding from Manhattan Community Board 3 (CB3) and Con Edison, AFSZ conducted a ten-site study in the East Village and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Real-time instruments measurde PM2.5 and carbon levels at one-minute intervals for 4-5 weeks in each season of this past year. Gravimetric instruments also collected particulate matter on pre-weighed filters. The project used a network of samplers to identify spatial distribution of “hot spots”, determine “high risk” times of day when pollutant concentration levels are highest, and chemical composition of those pollutants.  Knowledge of these properties will assist in understanding risk factors within the neighborhood.

The 10 CB3 study sites are:
PS 20 Anna Silver, 166 Essex Street
PS 34 Franklin D Roosevelt, 730 E 12th Street
PS 110 Florence Nightingale, 285 Delancey Street
PS 124 Yung Wing, 40 Division Street
PS 184 Shuang Wen, 327 Cherry Street
PS 188 Island School, 442 E Houston Street
St. Emeric’s Church, 185 Avenue D
Campos Plaza Community Center, 611 East 13th Street
Private Home, 4th floor, East 10th Street
AFSZ office, 131 Avenue B

Equipment Used in Air Sampling

air sampling pump

SKC Air sampling pump
and impactor (PM 2.5)
(CB3 only)

TSI SidePak AM-510 (PM2.5)
(DOT CMAQ and CB3)

Magee Scientific Aethelometer, Berkeley, CA (elemental carbon)
(DOT CMAQ and CB3)









Follow along on the YouTube Walk-Around Video. (9 min.)

• Classroom
• Cafeteria
• Gymnasium
• Bathrooms
• Outdoors

Member schools can find the Walk-Around Checklist and Solutions Guide in the online School Resource Center.