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More than 100 public schools have implemented the AFSZ program since it began in 2001 on New York City’s Lower East Side.
See a map of AFSZ Schools.


School Zone News is a monthly, newsletter for families, containing information about asthma and environment, and seasonal tips for keeping children healthy and in school. (Eng/Sp/Chinese)


Durable outdoor AFSZ signs designate school zones, inform about laws and signal concern for the health and welfare of children.


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General Information about Asthma

American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology

American Lung Association Treatment Options & Support for Asthma

Asthma & Allergy Network/Mothers of Asthmatics

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

NYC Asthma Rates: Asthma Facts (2003)


Links about Asthma and Air Quality

Healthier Students Are Better Learners: A Missing Link in School Reforms to Close the Achievement Gap

Children’s Health Study Finds Slower Lung Function Growth Rate,
Asthma Onset in Children Exposed to Pollution

High Diesel Exhaust Levels Found in School Buses

Newsletter Highlights Emerging Scientific Findings on Air Pollution
Link to Asthma, Other Respiratory Illnesses

Lung Development of Young Monkeys Drastically Changed when
Exposed to Ozone Pollution

Diesel Exhaust Particles Linked to Asthma

Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Pollution Linked to Lung Cancer






The School Resource Center is an online library of print materials, videos, trainings and lesson plans.

The AFSZ Program Kit prepares schools to better manage asthma and become stewards of their own environments. Take a look.



Watch the Walk-Around Video (9 min.). Member schools can find the Walk-Around Checklist and Solutions Guide in the online School Resource Center.