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Tough New York City law cracks down on idling cars
Associated Press, Sara Kugler Feb. 18, 2009

Idle Hands
The New Yorker • Oct. 17, 2007

Big Yellow Asthma Trigger
Advance News Magazine for Managers of Respiratory Care • Sept. 2006

Solutionary Women: Rebecca Kalin
Have Fun Do Good Blogspot • Feb. 2006

Anti-idling program is a breath of fresh air for kids
The Villager • Sept. 02-09, 2004

Alum Cleans Up the Air-One School at a Time
Hunter College Alumni News • Fall 2004

The old yellow school bus as a threat
Christian Science Monitor, Kimberley Chase • Mar. 2004

Children and Pollution: School Buses, Second-Hand Smoke
Gotham Gazette • Feb. 2004

School Buses Can Be Dangerous to Kids' Health
Gotham Gazette, Lynda Crawford • June 2003

Press Releases

Idle-Free NYC: Educators, Advocates, and Students Celebrate Citywide Efforts to Curb Engine IdlingMay 5, 2009

Acting Troupe Joins Elementary Students to Promote Healthy Behaviors in Brooklyn • Jan. 17, 2008

AFSZ Wins NYS Health Foundation Award • Jan. 24, 2007

US EPA (National) Excellence Award in Environmental Children's Health for Asthma Free School Zone • May 25, 2005

US EPA (Region 2) Recognition for Asthma Free School Zone for Protecting Children's Health • May 25, 2005

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